Tips for choosing the right size storage unit

3 tips for choosing the right size storage unit

Storage units allow you to store your items in a safe location. Whether you are moving home, decluttering, or just need to create some space, they are useful while knowing that your possessions are kept secure. There are normally a wide range of unit sizes to choose from, it could be anything from just a small locker space or closet-size unit up to a double-size garage or even bulk space. Here are some tips for choosing the right size of storage unit.

1. Create a list and inventory of items

Before looking for a storage facility, determine what and how many items you will be storing. Create a list of everything and take as many measurements as possible. This will enable you to roughly visualize how much space you will need. It is also important to identify items that are valuable or fragile. These can include antiques, expensive furniture, valuable artwork, books, or important paperwork. Things like these should be well packed, clearly labelled and protected.

2. Look around for reliable storage companies online and in person

Do your research and have a look around to see what storage companies are in the local area. Look at the online reviews they have received and make time to check them out in person before committing. Gather as much information as you can and see available spaces on offer. You can also get an online quote in a matter of minutes from most companies from their website.

3. Estimate the storage unit

There are many different sized storage units on offer at storage facilities. Some are generally considered standard sizes and are offered by most as part of their size range. These tend to include 25 sq.ft, 50 sq.ft, 75 sq.ft, 100 sq.ft and 150 sq.ft units. Anything over 200 sq.ft is for bulk storage. As a very basic guide, 25-50 sq.ft units are approximately the size of half a garage, 50-100 sq.ft units are the size of a single garage and 150-200 sq.ft units are a double garage size.

Selecting the wrong unit size isn’t the end of the world. In most cases, the staff at the facility will help you to choose the right unit size. Let us how much stuff you want to store and how long you want to store for and we will help you to choose the right room size and answer any storage questions. Contact us for a quote today.

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