Ways people are using storage during the pandemic

3 ways people are using storage during the pandemic

The demand for self storage has risen considerably as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. People often come to self storage during life changing moments; the birth of a child, moving house, a death in the family, entering or leaving a new relationship. All of this is continuing during the pandemic, as well as more and more people renovating their homes.

The pandemic has also instigated changes in people’s working arrangements as businesses are having to adapt. Here are some ways people are using storage during the pandemic.

1. Working from home

The worldwide pandemic has affected how businesses function. More and more people are having to work from home as offices were shut down for periods of time. Remote working is now becoming increasingly common amongst employers.

Working from home can be very difficult, especially when you don’t have enough practical space for a working environment. Many people have needed to have a clear out and make space at home to create work areas. Self storage units have enabled many people to utilise the extra storage space for this very reason.

2. Increase in online retailing

When times are tough, people need to find a way to make money. With many high street shops unfortunately closing down as a result of the pandemic, more people have resorted to online shopping. With a surge in demand for online shopping, businesses have decided to take their business online.

Some people whose livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic are now finding new career opportunities in online retailing.

If you’re an online retailer, business self storage can be very beneficial. Self storage units can provide you with accessible and secure space to help manage your business and store stock inventory.

3. Creating space for social distancing

Social distancing for the safety of us all is now a huge part of life through the pandemic. Businesses have had to adapt to create space in order to achieve the correct social distancing between employees. For example, office layouts have had to be adjusted to ensure two-metre space between desks.

Restaurants and other food establishments have also had to comply with social distancing rules and reduce table numbers.

The result of this could mean having to take away surplus furniture and equipment to provide the necessary space in the work environment. A self storage unit provides a secure place to keep your business possessions safe until you need them again.

There has been lots of ways people use storage during the pandemic. Self storage can help in many ways to accommodate changes in working arrangements and adjust your lifestyle.

Keep your possessions safe with Bigfoot Self Storage. We offer a variety of storage units for both business and personal storage requirements. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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