Ways to declutter your storage unit

3 ways to declutter your storage unit

For many people, their storage unit is like a hoarding ground. They pile things in, shut the door and forget about it. It’s a place to dump everything they don’t use at home and it gets left disorganised for a long time!

There is always that dreaded moment when you have to dig something out and it’s at the back of the unit or hard to put your hand on. There are many ways to declutter your storage unit, make a start now! Organising a storage unit takes a lot of work, especially if you’ve left it cluttered for a long time. With a little bit of planning and motivation you can save yourself from any future headaches! Here are three simple ways you can declutter your storage unit.

Plan a layout

If you foresee many trips to your storage unit in the near future, it’s best to plan a detailed layout. Starting from the door, you should have easy access to most of the stuff stored inside. If you’re storing furniture and boxes, keep them on opposite sides and try to create a path down the middle. This will help to cut down the time you need to figure out where everything is.

Invest in storage solutions

If you will be accessing your storage space frequently, it’s best to invest on high-quality storage solutions. Seeing stacks of misplaced cardboard boxes everywhere can give anyone a headache. Consider buying boxes that are uniform in size and appearance so that you can stack and organise neatly. Clear plastic boxes are a good choice because you’ll be able to see what’s inside better. This will then help in arranging your stuff into groups and categories making it easier to find what you’re after.

Label and list

Peak organisation involves labelling and master lists. Clearly label all boxes on the top and on the side. Assign box numbers and detail all of its contents onto a master list for future reference. It may take a lot of time and effort initially but it will save you lots of hassle in the long run. You should then always be able to find things straight away without having to go through boxes and boxes.

The best time to declutter your storage unit was when you first moved in, but the second best time is now! It might take some and effort at first but it will certainly pay dividends. Are you on the hunt for a secure storage unit for personal or business use? Bigfoot Self Storage offers a wide range of clean, dry, and secure storage units for all of your needs. Contact us to get your quote today!

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