Factors to consider when looking for a storage facility

4 factors to consider when looking for a storage facility

It is important to consider some important factors when looking for a storage facility. Whether you’re renting a small flat or apartment and need extra space, moving home or need to free up some valuable extra space in the office or warehouse at work, there are times when self storage facilities provide the perfect solution to your problem. These days, there are more storage units to rent promising to make your life more organised.

With so many options and different locations, how do you choose the right self storage company that you can trust? Here are 4 factors to consider when looking for a storage facility.

1. Make a list of things to store

The first and most important consideration should be your items. Take a look at the things that you don’t want to keep in your home. If you have large items, measure them. Measuring smaller items can be a little complicated, but an easier way to do this is to store all the small items into a box and then to measure the box itself.

2. Check your insurance policy

Review your home insurance to see if your items will be covered outside of the home into a storage facility. Generally, most storage facilities stipulate that self storage insurance must be provided to cover the value of the goods stored. Storage companies will offer their own goods insurance when you sign up and take out storage space. This will cover the items you’ll be putting away for safekeeping. Look for a self storage facility that offers insurance as part of their rental package and not as a hidden extra.

3. Consider the location

Location, location, location. This can be one of the most important factors. Ask yourself if you would be willing to drive miles across town every time you need to visit the storage unit. Convenience is key so carefully consider the distance of the storage unit from your house and how accessible they are.

4. Do your homework

Check all of the features, policies and key selling points before signing up. Do your research on several facilities so you can compare and weigh up your options. Some things to consider are access hours and security, for example do they have PIN code access control and are modern CCTV systems in operation. Also be sure to check things like payment terms, length of stay and storage rules and restrictions. Finally, before making your final choice make time to visit the facilities and browse online reviews so you can be sure of getting a quality service.

If you’re looking for a secure and accessible self storage solution in Stoke on Trent or Newcastle under Lyme, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

4 factors to consider when looking for a storage facility
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4 factors to consider when looking for a storage facility
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