Creative small businesses that can use self storage

Creative small businesses that can use self storage

Most people assume that storage is only suitable for household or personal use, however, they are available for everyone to use including businesses. Lots of businesses have gradually transcended to using secure business self storage services because running a business can mean needing more space at times. With stock, equipment, office furniture and paperwork to think about, space can quickly run out. Here are some examples of creative small businesses that can use self storage.

Independent book dealers

Physical stock products are the main business of independent book dealers. These types of businesses typically deal with hordes of pamphlets, magazines, and of course, books. A self storage unit may just be the perfect answer for you when thinking of a storage solution to gain extra space. Indoor storage units are clean and dry, sometimes even climate-controlled, therefore providing ideal conditions to keep paper-based stocks.

Theatres, galleries, and artists

Self storage units and arts aren’t usually associated together, but the amount of material used in shows and galleries should be enough to make it the norm! It is essential to find the right storage space for bulky items such as drapes, backdrops, various equipment and paintings. Unfortunately smaller theatres and art galleries do not have much storage space, therefore indoor self storage units are perfect places to store all of the gear and help to keep fragile delicate items in top condition.

Online businesses

Online businesses are booming, there is now such a diverse range of e-commerce shops out there. Greater demand for your products calls for more space to store stock. Even though some online business owners utilise their home garage or attic space, the best place to store would be away from home in a secure self storage unit. As a result, these units provide you with peace of mind and the flexibility to add more space when needed.

Sales professionals

Sales professionals move around a lot, armed with all kinds of marketing materials and inventory. A cars boot space isn’t always an ideal space! Besides, its not the most secure space to keep things and its probably not ideal if you need the boot space for something else. Having a storage space in a handy, central location would be of great benefit because it would allow you to pick up and drop off sales materials on-route to and from client meetings. As a result, it would also provide better security and less of a headache.

With all this in mind, why not contact us today to see how we can help with your small business storage requirements. We offer clean, dry and accessible indoor storage units and have the highest possible security for your belongings.

Creative small businesses that can use self storage
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Creative small businesses that can use self storage
Creative small businesses that can use self storage. Secure and accessible storage space for online businesses, sales professionals and arts and crafts.
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