Factors to consider when needing short term storage

5 factors to consider when needing short term storage

There are various factors you ought to consider if you are needing some short term storage space. Self storage units are great for providing a temporary storage solution where you can keep your items and possessions safe and secure. Whether its for moving home, undergoing a renovation project on the house or needing short term business storage space. Whatever the reason, there are a few factors to consider when looking for short term storage, here are 5 of the key one’s.

1. Space available

It doesn’t make sense to search for a place that will not be able to offer you the right space for all your belongings. The good news is that there’s a variety of storage facilities that provide a wide range of unit sizes. Pay particular attention to the size and shape of your boxes and the items you’ll keep. Discuss your needs with the storage facility and the staff will help you choose the right size unit for you.

2. Location

Location is key, find a facility that has quick and easy road links with minimal traffic congestion. You may want somewhere that is conveneintly located so do your research and look to see where the local facilities are.

3. Access and security

It is best to rent a unit that allows you easy access. This is particularly important if you need to retrieve any items on a regular basis. Some facilities also have undercover loading bay areas that offer a dry space for ease of unloading and loading. Ensure that the facility is well equipped with CCTV in and around the site as well as any access control features such as PIN code access.

4. Cost

Generally the shorter the stay, the less chance there are of obtaining any rental discount deals. Some places also stipulate a minimum term of stay, locking you into paying upfront for a certain period of time. Do your homework, shop around and compare prices to make sure you get good value for money on temporary short term storage.

5. Flexibility

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your storage provider. The more flexible it is, the better. For instance, you may not know for sure how long you are likely to require the storage space. Look for a facility that does not force you into commiting for a longer period of time than you require. Ideally you only want to pay for the total duration of your stay.

Selecting a short term storage solution can be quite tricky. For flexible and secure short term temporary storage space, contact us today for a quote and see how we can help.

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