Factors that influence the price of self storage

Factors that influence the price of self storage

There are a few different factors that influence the price of self storage. Things to take into consideration when shopping around for self storage in the UK include the location of the storage facility, standard of the facilities, level of security offered and ease of access to name a few.

However, we appreciate that for most people, the price of the self storage unit will probably be the biggest factor when choosing a storage facility for your belongings. It’s always good to remember that the cheapest storage facility is not always the best option.

Here are some key factors that influence the price of self storage.

Size of unit

Most people make the mistake of getting a storage unit that’s too big for them, forgetting the main reason for their need to minimise costs. The best way to deal with this and ensure that you’re getting the bang for your buck is to do your research. You want to rent out a storage unit that’s just right for you so look at storage size guides and ask staff for guidance. Similarly you don’t want to make the mistake of getting a unit that’s too small for you. A smaller unit may be cheaper but might not house all of your belongings properly.


The location of the storage facility will be reflected in the prices you pay for storage. Like most things, the closer you are to city centres the more things tend to cost. This is the same with self storage. The closer you are to London the higher you can expect the prices of self storage to be and as you move further north in the UK the prices tend to be less.

Length of stay

The cost of the storage unit will also vary depending on how long you stay or plan on staying. Many storage providers offer an introductory discount (for example 50% off the first 8 weeks) to new customers, which can mean a substantial saving if you’re only looking for temporary storage.

However, if you plan on staying for longer (one year or more) you may be able to take advantage of any long-term discounts on offer. Some storage providers may also offer discounts for NHS, Military or Emergency Services employees. It is always worth asking the question.

Indoor or outdoor

When you’re looking for self storage units, you’ll need to consider the types of unit the storage facility offers. Outdoor units will enable you to drive up to your unit, allowing much easier access and convenience. However, you will need to think about weather issues and how dry the units are. Indoor storage units tend to be more secure and kept dry but could be on upper floor locations.

Amenities and access

Different storage facilities offer differing levels of security features for the safety of your belongings. These will include CCTV, round-the-clock security, pin code entry access and more. Accessibility is also an important factor to consider. You want to ensure that you can access your belongings when you need to. If you opt for a facility with 24/7 access, you might pay higher prices so take this into consideration.

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