Garage or storage unit which is best?

Garage or storage unit, which is best?

Here we compare the differences between a garage or storage unit and which is best for keeping your stuff. Garage storage means filling the space at home that was intended to be for your car as well as a few boxes of unused or seasonal items. On the other hand, self-storage companies offer you storage space outside of your home. Storage units come in various sizes depending on your requirements.

Here we look at comparing the two over a number of key considerations.


In terms of how accessible you want your stuff in storage to be, keeping things in your garage at home is by far the best option. It’s in your home, takes only a few minutes to access and costs nothing to go and fetch!

Self-storage facilities require a bit of your time to go and access, plus will involve some travel. Nowadays storage companies are never that far away due to well positioned locations around towns and cities.


Not all garage spaces are created equally. Some houses will have smaller garages; others will have bigger garages, even double ones. Standard single garage spaces can easily get cramped, especially if you are using it to store your vehicle. This leaves little space for boxes and piles of stuff you wish to retain but don’t always have a use for right now.

Even though self-storage costs money to rent, it will definitely result in a tidier and more organised home. Storage units allow you to create more valuable space at home. The various sizes of storage units offered ensure that there is going to be something suitable for your needs.


There is always the worry about theft and burglary at home. Garage spaces are often a target for thieves as they know this space can hold valuable things, including your car! Comprehensive home insurance to protect your assets can be costly. Also not all homes are equipped with sophisticated security, if any.

One of the key advantages of hiring a self-storage unit is the level of security. Storing valuables offsite in a secure storage unit eliminates lots of security risks. Storage facilities often have many security systems and features in place to safeguard the premises and its storage units within. From advanced CCTV systems to PIN coded access and alarmed units, there are many advantages from a security point of view. Occupiers also have their own lock and key to their own space making access more secure.


The only cost to factor in when storing items in your garage is the cost of insurance. Having adequate insurance cover for your assets at home is something everybody should always consider.

Self-storage may be a costlier option, but can be considered as being more cost effective since you’ll be insured. Rental costs will include insurance as well as all of the security features offered. Having a variety of unit size options offered to you means that you only pay for the space you need.

To summarise, there is no doubt that having your stuff stored at home is easier and more convenient. However, if space is tight and you feel you need to become less cluttered then opt for a storage unit. Self-storage certainly offers more peace of mind in terms of security benefits.

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