How self storage units benefit business owners

How self storage units benefit business owners

Running a business involves lots of responsibilities that require proper management, organisation and planning. One of the most overlooked aspects of business ownership is storage management. A self storage unit for business can provide an ideal solution to this problem, allowing business owners to securely store their goods and equipment. In this article, we will explore how self storage units benefit business owners and why every business owner needs a self storage unit.

Maximise office space

Spare space can quickly become a scarce commodity within the workplace. Offices can quickly become cluttered up with unused furniture, bits of equipment and boxes of files. Instead of renting larger premises with added rents and costs, why not think about renting a self storage unit to store your unused office equipment or all of those boxes of document files to free up valuable office space.

Safe and secure storage

A self storage unit provides a safe and secure storage solution for businesses. Storing valuable equipment and stock items in a self storage unit can sometimes be safer and more secure than putting them all in your own office premises or workspace. Self storage facilities have advanced security systems in place to ensure maximum security and peace-of-mind protection.

All storage rooms are individually secured and locked with your own padlock and key. You hold the key to your own unit, allowing you to maintain total control. There are sophisticated CCTV systems, PIN code access control and alarm systems in place for peace of mind protection.

Cost effective solution

Renting a self storage unit is a far more cost effective storage solution compared to renting a warehouse or larger premises. Every business wants to reduce costs and save money. If you’re already renting or leasing commercial storage space then self storage units can probably save you money. There are no long term lease commitments, no rates and no utility bills associated with self storage units. They are also more flexible and can be more secure.

Convenient access

Self storage facilities are convenient places for storing your goods. They are often located in easily accessible parts of town and have flexible access hours. Some facilities can offer out-of-hours access and even 24/7 access making it easy to retrieve items when it’s convenient for you.

Storage for seasonal items

Businesses that deal with seasonal items such as Christmas stocks, winter equipment or summer merchandise can benefit significantly from self storage. If some or all of your sales are seasonal, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible to take advantage of peak seasonal sales. A self storage unit can help by having a place to store seasonal stock offsite in a secure environment and be accessed as and when required. The flexibility of self storage means you can also store any seasonal items that you only need for a short period of time.

Storage for files and archives

Companies have legal requirements when it concerns the storage of confidential documents. These boxes of records can take up considerable space in the office and maintaining them can be challenging. Often the best and most secure storage solution is to have offsite storage space. An indoor self storage unit is dry and secure, ideal for storing archives and documents.

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