Keeping your valuables safe when travelling

How to keep your valuables safe when travelling

If you are planning to travel for a long period of time or even embark on a vacation, you need to think about your valuable possession’s left at home. It isn’t ideal to be leaving lots of valuable belongings at home while you’re away so you will need to think about practical storage solutions. Thinking about ways to keep your valuables safe and secure when travelling will put you at ease.

Use garage space

If you don’t have any space in your house to store your belongings, you could make use of any garage space you have. Beware that this would need to be secure space. If you think that the space isn’t secure enough then you might want to explore other more suitable options.

Leave with friends

If you have friends who live nearby, perhaps ask if you can store some of your valuable items in their house until you return. This will ensure that they are kept safe with people you know well and trust. This is one of the most cost effective ways as it means you won’t be paying lots of money to store your goods.

Ask someone to check your house

If you decide to leave your items at home, you could ask close friend or a family member to regularly check on your house from time to time while you’re away. Perhaps a neighbour could also keep an eye on things?

Use a secure self storage unit

One of the best places to store your valuable items is to rent a self storage unit. This is by far the best way of keeping your valuables safe and secure when travelling. Having secure storage for personal goods away from home will give you total peace of mind while you’re away travelling. Use a self storage company that is local and easily accessible for you. Also check what security features they offer and ensure that the unit is protected by CCTV and is secured with your own padlock and key.

Travelling can be exciting and fun, but before you go make sure that you have all of your valuables stored safely away.

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