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How to make self storage work for you – Our guide

Need to free up some space at home? Subletting your house, flat or apartment as you travel abroad for a few months? Self-storage is the answer. It’s a great way to put away items, but it isn’t as straightforward as some might think. Anyone can attempt self-storage, but only a few can truly make the most of it! To keep your belongings stored safely, you’ll need to put some thought into the process.

Here are a few tips for making self-storage work for you:

Choose the right storage unit

It’s incredibly important to choose a reliable company with excellent storage service. When you store your items away in a storage unit, you are putting your belongings in the hands of that company. Even if you won’t be storing anything valuable, it is still good to know that the company you have chosen is reliable and able to keep your items safe. Use a good storage unit finder or even Google search to locate reputable providers in your location. Asking for tips from friends and families can also get you on track in determining a suitable storage company.

After you’ve selected the perfect company, list down the items that you will be storing. Knowing what you will store will give you a rough idea of how big a storage unit you should get. A list will also help you stay organised as you will know what is stored and what has yet to be stored.

Remember that you shouldn’t do last-minute searching. Storage units come in different prices, sizes, and conveniences. For you to find the perfect storage unit that will satisfy all three conditions, start early.

Pack your unit properly

Labelling your boxes is a must. Chances are that you’ll be storing your items away for quite some time. Do you really think that you will remember what every single box is holding? Avoid the hassle of spending hours to find one particular item later on. Play it safe and label all your boxes. Your effort will save you a lot of time and tears. You’ll know where everything is, and if you’re ever looking for something in particular, you’ll be able to see which box holds it in a flash!

Another thing to remember is that you need to plan out how you’ll pack. An organised box will make your life much easier. Stow away your items in a neat and orderly fashion. You never know when you might need to look for something inside!

When you pack your unit, make sure that you ask for help if you need it. Moving things in and out of units can be tough. A few extra hands will make life much easier. It will also reduce the risk of injury from trying to carry heavy items alone.

It may not be a good idea to store anything precious in your storage unit. If you don’t want to lose it, keep it with you. Though storage units are generally safe and secure, anything can happen. Items may get damaged and lost. Don’t take that risk. On that note, don’t leave your items exposed. Properly pack your things. Wrap them and box them up. Make sure your stuff will not move around in transit. This will help prevent damage that would have occurred if you did not protect your items.

This is more or less a given, but don’t store perishables or anything that can rot or spoil in your storage unit. Food items and other things that are prone to rotting does not only leave a bad smell but will attract rodents and bugs. You don’t want a nasty surprise when you open your unit once again.

Secure your unit well

After you’re done packing everything in, make sure that you secure your unit with a heavy-duty lock. You can either bring your own or the storage company can provide a range of suitable padlocks, it’s a good idea to shell out a bit of extra cash and purchase a lock that can’t easily be picked or destroyed.

Make sure that you keep your key safe and inform the storage company of the names of any people you may wish to grant access to. Unless it is a person you trust, do not share your access codes with anyone.

If you follow all of these tips, you will be able to enjoy the best storage experience experience possible. Your items will always be safe and sound, awaiting your return to collect them. Stay smart and self-store like a pro!

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