How to store home gym equipment efficiently

How to store home gym equipment efficiently

Lots of things have changed in the past one and a half years. The pandemic brought about many restrictions to our social lives and routines, including how we exercise.

Trends in how people exercise have changed; our typical gym workouts are being undertaken more at home. People are increasingly choosing to exercise from home either in living rooms, gardens, garages and even bedrooms. Staying fit at home is a great way to save on costly gym memberships but there can be a problem when it comes to storing all of your gym equipment.

Space at home is valuable so you need to think about how best to store all those bits of home gym equipment in the most efficient way. Here are some ideas on how to store home gym equipment efficiently.

Wall mounted mat rack

Exercise mats are one of the most versatile and frequently used bits of home gym equipment. They can be used for a huge variety of exercise routines and workouts. While mats can easily be rolled up and stored away in a cupboard, not everybody has that extra space at home. Keeping the mat in a flat position when stored away will also help to prolong the life of the mat.

Get yourself a wall mountable mat rack from a sports equipment retailer. These help to save space by hanging the mat up against a wall using the eyelets in the mat. These can easily be installed with supplied fixings.

Gym racks and shelving

Weights, kettlebells and dumbbells are pieces of equipment that are difficult to store. Heavy weights are also big and bulky and can cause injury if not stored properly.

There are many types of tied shelving racks available to buy offering a strong and sturdy storage solution for weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and med balls. Shelves are usually customisable too so that you can create the perfect storage space for your type of equipment.

Use wall space

Walls offer a blank canvas for some great storage ideas. Shelves can be installed to create that easily accessible storage solution. Whether it be floating shelves or shelf boards, there are plenty of shelving ideas to explore. Gear that can easily get tangled such as skipping ropes and exercise or mobility bands can also be hung from walls by using hooks.

Storage containers

Consider buying strong storage containers that are uniform in size and appearance so that you can stack and organise equipment neatly. Clear plastic boxes are a good choice because you’ll be able to see what’s inside better. This will then help in arranging your stuff into groups and categories making it easier to find what you’re after.

Here are just a few ideas on how to store home gym equipment efficiently. Investing in creative ways to store your home gym equipment will help to save on space at home and help keep your home neat and tidy.

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