Make self storage work better for you

3 tips to make self storage units work better for you

Storage units can be extremely handy to have and to get the most out of them it is important to try and make self storage units work better for you. Whether you’re moving home or you want to get rid of unnecessary things, a storage unit can come in useful. They can provide ideal spaces to store your valuable items and stuff you don’t want hanging around. If you’re planning to rent a self storage unit, it helps to know how to use them properly to give you the best possible experience and value for money.

Here are three tips to make self storage units work better for you:

1. Use boxes

The last thing you want when looking for something in your storage unit is to have to rummage through everything to find something you want. To make your life much easier, pack things into boxes that can be neatly stacked. Also, label each box with its contents so you can quickly and easily retrieve any items. Don’t forget to label boxes containing fragile items so that you know which boxes you’ll have to take extra care of when handling.

Another tip when boxing your stuff is to make sure to fill the box to keep the stuff inside from moving around. Don’t overburden your boxes, keep them light so that you can carry them around when you need to.

Finally, it is a good idea to take a picture of what each box contains so that you can then use the photos as a quick reference when wanting to know where something is.

2. Store seasonal items

Garden furniture, BBQ equipment, lawn tools and other seasonal items are great to have when the occasion calls for it. The problem is having the space to store all this stuff when out of season. Self storage units are great spaces to store all of these items, giving you the space you need at home. Easy access to self storage units means you can always retrieve items you need to have back at home when you need them.

3. Plan, plan, and plan

Planning out what you’ll need to put in the storage unit is very important. List down the things you aren’t going to need, box them up and make sure you know what is packed where. Be sure to have plenty of bubblewrap, tape and other packing items to assist with keeping your stuff safe. Arrange your items and boxes in an organised fashion when putting them into the storage unit.

Keeping your storage unit tidy and organised helps dramatically. Don’t forget to leave some open space in the storage unit for you to walk around without tripping over stuff.

Following these tips should give you a better overall storage experience and make your self storage unit work better for you.

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3 tips to make self storage work better for you
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3 tips to make self storage work better for you
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