Moving tips for university students

3 moving tips for university students

It can be a challenging time when moving university students into accomodation. Most dorm rooms are small and lack personal storage, making moving day a daunting task.

Follow these three moving tips for university students and be on your way to an easier move and help to revamp your room into a home away from home:

1. Make a checklist of what you have

The key to efficient packing is to start with an audit of your belongings. Take note of what items you will need to take with you and what items you can leave behind. Whilst it can be tempting to cling onto the paraphernalia that made up your childhood years, it’s crucial to remain selective and to take only the essentials and a few nice-to-have items with you.

2. Pack essentials

Your packing list for the big move should contain all the necessary items you need to make a comfortable college and university life. With that in mind, it’s crucial to make the most of your small dorm space without overwhelming it with items you won’t need.

Take the basic essentials first and give yourself some time to adjust to your new living space. This will allow you to have a feel of what works, making it easier to figure out what you can further accomodate. When packing clothes, the best practice is to pack for the current season. Swap out clothes seasonally based on the times you can grab your items from home during term breaks. Pack sufficient toiletries and medicines, not forgetting any prescription medicines. Take any kitchen essentials you think you will need such as a kettle, plates, bowls, cups, can-openers, and some silverware.

3. Make your place your own

Add a splash of your personality into your new living space. Student accommodation can be a dull space. Neutral walls and simplistic design can often enhance the feeling of homesickness. Living away from your friends and family can also be an intimidating ordeal. Have framed photographs of family and friends around the place or hang photos on the walls using decorative, low-tack tape such as Washi Tape. The blank walls are your canvas, so don’t be afraid to fill them up with what you love the most.

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