Packing up books for your house move

Packing up books for your house move

There are few things in life more pleasing than a book collection. When it comes to your big move, even a modest collection of books is going to take some shifting, and it’s essential that you do so carefully to avoid torn pages, scuffed covers, and damaged spines. There are things you can do when packing up books for your house move to prevent your prized collections from turning into mulch while in transit.

Here are some tips for when packing up books for your house move to ensure they are packed safe and secure.

Get organised early on

One main piece of advice is to try and get your books organised for packing as early as possible. With some careful planning and effort the packing operation will be lots easier to undertake. It can take a lot of time to go through everything so make sure you don’t put this task off. You don’t want to end up carelessly stuffing books wherever there’s space.

The first thing you can do is organise them by size and weight. You may even want to sort them by genre or author too.

Pack them nice and tight

Books are heavy, so break your collection up into manageable chunks. Use good quality small strong double walled boxes that are well-lined (about half the size of a standard document archive box). Try not to over-pack and limit the number of books per box.

This will help to reduce the chances of the box becoming damaged and ensures that it’s a manageable weight to carry. Ensure that heavier books go at the bottom and be prepared to do some rearranging of your books to fill in the surrounding gaps as snugly as possible.

Secure and label them

Finally, you will want to tape your boxes up well. Even smaller boxes are going to carry an impressive amount of weight and you don’t want the box to split open or have the bottom falling out during transit. Label everything. Start with a ‘fragile’ warning label on all of the boxes, then label by genre, author, or in whatever way that you’ll be able to understand.

We know how important your possessions are and we want to help you keep them safe and secure. Here at Bigfoot Self Storage we sell a wide range of packing supplies including boxes, bubblewrap and tape. Find us just off the A34 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Packing up books for your house move
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Packing up books for your house move
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