Practical tips for using self storage

5 practical tips for using a self storage unit

Self storage units are great if you are planning to move home and need some of your things kept securely away out fof the house. Storage units are also great during a home renovation project, giving you temporary secure storage space for pieces of furniture, appliances, and other items need to be stored temporarily. There are certain ways in which you can use a storage unit more efficiently and maximise the space you have available. Here are five practical tips for using a self storage unit.

1. Label all of your items

It’s best to start by sorting all of your items into boxes and label each box accordingly. Make sure to clearly write on the box what the contents are. This will not only help to keep things organised but will make the unpacking process much more easier in the future.

2. Plan a layout

When organising your items, it’s best to plan a layout of your self storage space. This will help you to decide on what size of storage unit you will require. Factor in how you will want your boxes and larger items positioned in the unit so that you can easily retrieve an item if needed in the future. It is best to put all heavy items against the walls of the unit and have smaller boxes sitting on top of larger ones. If you can, try to create a path in the middle so that you can access things towards the back much easier.

3. Utilise vertical space

When filling up yor storage unit with all of your belongings, your goal is to make full use of all the available space including the height of the unit. This can involve using shelving or stacking boxes on top of each other as best you can. Always be careful when stacking valuable items or fragile things that might get damaged.

4. Use the walls for your belongings

A great advantage of using a storage unit is to make use of walls, as they serve as a solid foundation and barrier for your stacked boxes to be piled up against.

5. Upgrade as and when necessary

You may need to factor in how long you will need to have access to your items. The chances are that you’ll be putting items in every now and then until the storage unit becomes full. Bear in mind that when the unit is full it would be far more difficult for you to retrieve items.

Upgrade to a bigger sized storage unit as and when necessary. Storage facilities normally allow you to upgrade space on a flexible basis and without any notice, this gives you the option to increase your storage whenever required.

These tips can help you to achieve efficient and effective storage, maximising the space you have in your storage unit. Get the most from your storage space. Bigfoot Self Storage offers a wide range of different sized self storage units to cater for all of your storage requirements. Contact us to get your quote today!

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