Reasons why people use self storage

7 reasons why people use self storage

More and more people are using storage units nowadays as our need for extra space has got greater. Storage units are being used for a wide variety of reasons to keep belongings protected in a safe and secure environment. Here are seven reasons why people use self storage units.

1. Moving house

This is perhaps the most common reason for needing self storage. Whether you are upgrading to a bigger home or downsizing, self storage can take away the headache of needing somewhere secure to store your belongings either before or after the house move.

2. Home renovations

You may find the need to renovate your house to suit you and your family’s needs better. House renovation is no easy task and with all the building work going on, dust and dirt could damage your valuables. Its always best to have your belongings out of the way of builders so moving them into a safe storage unit can be solution.

3. Gap year or working away

It is common for graduates to take a break for a while and see the world before they embark into a new chapter of their lives. Some jobs require periods of time spent abroad. Having a safe and secure place to store personal belongings while you are away is important. Smaller units that are more affordable prove popular for students. 

4. Space for businesses

Businesses often need more space

 but simply cannot afford to move to a bigger office as business rates and other charges are just too expensive. They often need space to store equipment, such as seasonal promotional material, tools, stock and more. Self storage units are ideal as they are flexible with no long term lease commitments.

5. Document archiving

Free up valuable office space and store those old documents and files in your own clean, dry, secure storage unit. Additional services including document racking and secure document disposal are also available


6. Empty nesting

This is common for parents whose children have left for college or university. Some parents decide to renovate their children’s bedroom and turn it into a new functional room, like a hobby room. A storage unit will help them to store their children’s possessions that they are hesitant to dispose of.

7. The passing of a loved one

Losing a loved one is quite an emotional time. You may not find in your heart to sell or dispose of their possessions quickly and you may wish to keep hold of items that have significant sentimental value. You could opt to put these items into a secure self storage unit first until you have gained the strength to sort through them.

Whatever the reason for storage, Bigfoot Self Storage can provide the right answer to your storage problem. Contact us to see how we can help.

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