Right way to store furniture

What is the right way to store furniture in a storage unit?

There are many reasons people may find themselves in need of furniture storage. Whether you are looking to move house, starting some renovations, or simply just need to free up some space at home.

Renting a self storage unit for furniture items is a great way of keeping larger items like beds, sofas, wardrobes, garden furniture, etc. securely stored away until you are ready for it. Knowing what is the right way to store furniture in a storage unit can help to make sure things are kept safe and free from damage.

Choose the right storage solution

When storing furniture, it is vital to choose the right one for your needs. The main consideration is whether the storage unit is suitable for the type of furniture you will be storing. For example, if you are storing wooden furniture, you should choose a unit designed to protect it from moisture and pests. If you are storing antiques, you should look for a unit designed to protect the furniture from fading, cracking, and other damage. Other things to consider include the available sizes of the storage unit, how secure it is and the costs. With the right storage unit, you can keep your furniture safe and protected for years to come.

Clean everything and dismantle

It is important to spend some time on preparing the furniture items to ensure that your precious pieces aren’t damaged and that they come out of storage in the same condition as when they went in.

The first thing to do is to give all of the furniture items a thorough clean. This will help to eliminate mould and prevents any stains or dirt from further deteriorating the material. Hoover and wipe down sofas and mattresses in the first instance. Any stains or stubborn marks can then be spot treated with suitable stain removers. Always make sure that furniture items are dry before they go into storage. Wooden furniture can be dusted off and wiped down with a mild soapy solution.

It is always a good idea to dismantle larger items of furniture before storing them. This will help to save space in your storage unit and better protect the furniture from damage. Depending on the type of furniture, this could involve disassembling legs or drawers or even taking apart the entire piece. Be sure to safely keep all of the screws and fixings together so you can easily reassemble the furniture when you need it.

Avoid overcrowding your storage unit

When storing furniture in a storage unit, it is essential to avoid overcrowding. This can lead to furniture being damaged or broken. Organising your storage unit can save you loads of time and energy in the future. Measure the unit before moving items in and ensure the furniture will fit through the door. Take into account the size of the door and the height of the unit.

Start with the largest pieces and work your way down to the smallest. Place the furniture near the unit’s walls and leave a few feet of space between the walls and the furniture. This will give you space to move around and access the items if you need to. Make full use of the height of your unit, but be careful not to stack furniture unsteadily on top of one another. If you are stacking items of furniture, it is wise to use pieces of cardboard or other protective material between each piece of furniture. This will help to protect the furniture from scratches while providing an extra cushioning layer. Always place the heaviest pieces of furniture at the bottom, then lighter things on top.

Taking the time to plan and organise your storage unit properly will help to ensure that all items are stored safely and securely and that overcrowding is avoided.

Storing large items of furniture can be a daunting and demanding task. Knowing what is the right way to store furniture in a storage unit can help to make things easier and by following the right advice can help keep everything in the best condition possible.

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