Self storage for business - what to know

Self storage for business – what to know

Businesses, regardless of size, require space. Extra space that is leased and rented is expensive, yet you need it to work, provide your staff with a place to work, and store products or equipment. If you are running out of space, rather than looking for bigger premises and incurring more costs, think about getting some business self storage space for your business.

Using self storage for your business helps you to reclaim back valuable office and warehouse space but without the hassle and expense of moving premises. Read on to find out what to know about business self storage and how it can help your business.

Self storage is cost effective

Office and warehouse premises rents are expensive, plus there are the high maintenance and utilities costs to think about. Self storage units can be far more cost effective due to having lower rental costs, no business rates to pay and fewer overheads. As more and more people are becoming cost-conscious, self storage can be the smarter move for your business.

Greater flexibility for your business

Self storage units are far more flexible to suit your businesses ever changing needs. There are no long-term lease commitments and no maintenance agreements to think about for a start. Flexible storage contracts allow you to store for as long or short as you like and you can also upsize and downsize your storage unit space as your business requires.

Self storage is great for office furniture

Your workplace may have excess furniture that is currently surplus to requirements. Big and bulky office furniture items such as desks and chairs can take up valuable office space if they are not being used. You may recruit staff on a seasonal basis and need more or less items of office furniture as and when required. Whatever the reason for having excess furniture, you should have a secure place offsite to keep it. Think of what you could do with the valuable space that this will create.

Self storage for documents and archives

Companies can have legal requirements when it concerns the storage of confidential documents. Classified business archives need to be kept securely. Storing confidential files and documents in the office is not the most secure solution. Free up valuable office space and have a secure offsite self storage space for your documents. Shelving and racking can also be used for your boxes to make things more organised and easy to retrieve.

Self storage enables home office working for staff

With more and more businesses having employees working from home, it is important to think about how this will affect the amount of storage space available in the home. Having the right workstation space in the home might mean that you need to think about finding storage space elsewhere. Self storage units are also perfect locations for household goods and clutter. They can be great for freeing up space at home and are very accessible for whenever you may need something.

If you are you looking for secure business storage in the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme areas, Bigfoot Self Storage can provide you with the right storage solution. Get your quote from us today!

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