Self storage myths solved for you

Self storage myths solved for you

Are you afraid of self-storage services due to old wives’ tales about their overwhelming cons instead of their benefits? Here are some myths debunked and proven untrue in this list of seven self-storage myths!

Service Providers Pilfer Through Your Things

It’s easy to think stealing happens when you’re no longer there as the self-storage providers have access to your area and stuff.

And while this may happen with other brands with low reputations and poor security, we can make sure this doesn’t happen to us. Our reputation is crucial since we guard your items. Only you have access to them once they’re in your self-storage area. Storage providers do not go through your possessions.

Registration Is Tough

You may have heard of self-storage stories where the customers were contracted to a long-term deal with steep fees and additional costs to ensure security. 

Ours is a fair trade, however. We don’t contractually obligate you to a long-term setup. We negotiate the terms, services, length of time, and costs according to personal preference. Thus, you only pay for what you want or need.

They’re for Special Instances Only

Self-storage may only cross someone’s mind when moving to a new house or remodelling a current one, so there is enough room to pack or reconstruct. On a sadder note, it may also be considered when dealing with the loss of a loved one, divorce, or even natural disasters.

But there are practical reasons for self-storage, too, especially nowadays where houses are becoming both homes and offices to their inhabitants. Employing professional storage services can help declutter and downsize your home without using up your basement or attic at reasonable rates!

They’re Just Space

A potential customer may think all they’re getting is an extra floor area to keep their things, hence the myths of poor security and others we’ll go through later on. 

We’re happy to report professional self-storage services to offer more than just a space for keeping your items. Security and privacy are inclusions to ensure only you have access to your area. Not only do we provide a safekeeping space, but safety from theft and protection from the elements are also included too!

They’re Not a Good Investment

Since some have experienced horror stories with poorly-underwritten contracts, high costs and long-term consignments leave a bad taste in the mouth, leading to others assuming self-storage is not a good investment.

But that’s only if you work with unprofessional providers. As mentioned earlier, seasoned self-storage companies allow customers to work out the arrangement they want according to their needs and budget. These reasonable rates would be worth the time and effort if you were to store these items in your attic or basement.

It Leads to Hoarding

Only if you let it. The primary purpose of self-storage is an additional space where customers keep unused items and rotate them when the season calls for them. Think of it as an extra cabinet to put stuff in, but located outside your house.

It Becomes Messy

Part of this service’s inclusions is ensuring the space rented is free from mould, dust, pests, and other elements that could damage your belongings. You may see dingy safekeeping areas in movies, but remember, not everything on TV is real.

In Closing

Your concerns regarding self-storage are real. This is why we highly advise you to consign with providers who prioritise cleanliness, privacy, protection, and customer service in your contract. You should be paying for only what you need to get the best experience possible in keeping your things outside your home.

That’s why you should work with Big Foot Storage today! We provide self-storage in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme for personal and business use with a variety of space sizes for home moving, renovations, or office relocations. Get in touch with us now!

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