Self storage tips to declutter your home

Self storage tips to declutter your home

Start the year with a clean and organised home! An organised home can make people more focused and productive, anyone who is working from home can greatly appreciate this. Keeping the house tidy and free from clutter is also good for a healthier lifestyle.

Maintaining a neat and tidy home is never an easy task, especially if you have too many things but not enough space to store them.

Did you know that you can use a self storage facility as a quick and easy way to solve this problem? Safe and secure storage rooms can be a convenient solution that can help you get more space. Here are some self storage tips to declutter your home.

1. Start with your kitchen

The kitchen might be one of the most cluttered spaces in your house, especially if you like cooking. It can be full of utensils, appliances and materials. If things don’t have their place, it can soon look cluttered. The most effective way to declutter your kitchen is to identify the items you only use occasionally. You can then store these items in a self storage room out of the way. 

2. Examine your living room

The next on your priority list should be the living room. If it is the biggest room in your house, there is a high chance that it contains more stuff than other rooms. This space is often filled with ornaments, cushions and decorations that you do not need. Decluttering here will help the space look more inviting and appealing, not just for family but also for visitors.

3. Clean your study


ocuments and paperwork often get put in one big pile on top of the desk. The study is the next place in the house with the most unnecessary clutter. Go through the documents and put them some sort of order, throwing away anything junk or unnecessary. Take time to sit down and file away documents in an orderly way to make it easier to manage. The study will all of a sudden become less cluttered and a more productive space.

4. Inspect your shed and garage

Don’t forget the shed and garage space as these too can harbour lots of unnecessary clutter. Have a good sort out of tools and things, making sure to throw away anything redundant, broken or simply not worth keeping. Anything that is used on a seasonal basis or on the odd occasion could be taken into self storage.

Are you looking for a secure, clean self storage facility in Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-under-Lyme? 

Bigfoot Self Storage has flexible storage solutions for your personal and household goods to help declutter your home. Contact us today and get a quote.

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