Self storage - what you can & can't store

Self storage – what you can & can’t store

Renting out storage space is a smart move, especially for anyone looking to minimise clutter, keep seasonal items safely away, and even easing a house moving transition. Storage units can not only save space but save you time and money. Self storage is flexible and easy but there are rules and regulations on what you can and can’t store.

Items you can store

1 – Seasonal items

There are many items we only need at certain times of the year. Whether its storage for your Christmas decorations, fishing rods or winter clothes. There are also the bulky items that may need to be stored as they take up too much space.

2 – Household goods

Most household items are acceptable for storage units. Books, toys, clothes, furniture, kitchen items, electricals and even linens are welcome in storage spaces.

3 – Appliances

As long as they are clean and dried, appliances are accepted in storage units. This usually includes kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, freezers, as well as white goods like washers and dryers.

4 – Electronics

Electrical items are generally accepted, including TV’s, DVD players, digital devices, gaming systems, stereo systems, and computers.

Items you can’t store

1 – Hazardous materials

Although obvious, it is worth noting that storage units do not allow anything that can explode or catch fire. This includes combustible or flammable materials such as propane, oil, gasoline, grease, cleaners, paints, and other chemicals. Also prohibited is toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature.

2 – Weapons

Weapons, in most cases, are not allowed to be stored in storage units. Firearms, explosives including fireworks and ammunition can also pose danger and are prohibited.

3 – Perishables

Perishables include food items and animal products. Any produce, meat, and dairy products are strictly prohibited, as with pet food. They attract rodents and bugs, as well as encourage mould and bacteria growth.

4 – Plants and living animals

It is important to reiterate that storage units are for non-living things. It is therefore illegal for any person to take up residence in storage rentals. Likewise, using units as animal shelter is also forbidden, and plants are not allowed. 

Try to remember the rules and regulations on what you can and can’t store as you store your belongings away!

If you need a secure self storage unit in Stoke-on-Trent, Bigfoot Self Storage offers a wide range of different sized self storage units to cater for all of your storage requirements. Contact us to get your quote today!

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