Storage solutions for hobby clutter

Storage solutions for hobby clutter

You may not always have the space at home to store all of your hobby clutter and equipment. Having no space at home shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your interests in hobbies and crafts. As long as you have the time and resources, you should be able to take up whatever hobby you choose. If space at home is an issue, get yourself some personal self storage space.

Personal storage allows you to keep valuable items and infrequently used hobby equipment in a secure location without them taking up expensive space in your flat or house. 

Here are some storage solutions for hobby clutter and ways that self storage can help keep your home free of hobby clutter all year long.

Skiing and snowboarding equipment

If you love to ski or snowboard, chances are that you’ve invested in expensive pieces of equipment that take up quite a bit of space. If you can only visit the slopes a few weeks of the year, keeping your equipment in secure storage can not only free up space at home but keep the items in good condition. You can also vacuum pack your thick winter gear and other bulky clothing items and store them with your equipment.

Camping and hiking gear

When you go camping or on outdoor adventures, you need a lot of paraphernalia. You will need hiking boots, tents, sleeping bags and bulky backpacks to lug them around in. All of these items are essential to enjoying your time in the wilderness. Packing them safely away in storage during the months when you won’t be needing them can leave you with much more space for other items at home.

Construction and restoration tools

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to save money, learn new skills and be creative. Bulky and expensive power tools, hand tools and materials can be kept secure in your own storage unit until you need them for your next new project.

Luggage and travel bags

Some of the bulkiest items in our homes are luggage trolleys and cases. These are often kept at home taking up lots of space until they are needed a few times each year. If you love to travel, especially on long-haul flights, you probably have a big set of suitcases to take along with you. These can be stored away in offsite storage to save space until you need them on your next adventure.

Musical instruments and equipment

You might have heirloom musical instruments at home like an upright piano or a guitar. You may even have a priceless collection of instruments. If you like to play musical instruments but don’t always have the time to play, think about self storage. These storage units offer secure and dry storage for those valuable musical instruments of yours.

Manage your clutter and move infrequently used hobby items into to a personal self storage unit at Bigfoot Self Storage. We have secure, clean and dry storage units for all of your hobby and craft equipment in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme. Contact us for a quote.

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