Self storage solutions for university students

Storage solutions for university students

Embarking on the journey of university life is an exciting chapter for students, bringing forth opportunities for personal growth, academic exploration and forming new life-long friendships. Although this new phase is exciting, it also comes with its fair share of challenges in managing personal belongings amidst the inevitable transitions of university life.

Whether navigating accommodation and housing changes, storing items during summer breaks or exploring study abroad opportunities, university students in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme can benefit from self storage facilities catering to their needs.

In this blog post we explore the advantages of using self storage solutions for university students.

Benefits of self storage solutions for university students

1. Helps with moving between accommodation and housing

Throughout their university experience, students often encounter multiple housing transitions, whether moving into university halls, shared houses or relocating after completing their degree. Using a self storage facility can help by providing temporary storage solutions for personal belongings during these moves.

2. Somewhere to store belongings during summer breaks or gap years

A common challenge faced by students is finding a secure location to store their belongings during summer breaks or gap years. Renting a self storage unit during these periods allows students to store their possessions safely and securely without having to transport them long distances to their home towns or parents’ homes.

3. Provides extra storage space when in shared living spaces

University accommodation is often shared by multiple students, leading to limited storage capacity for personal belongings. Rooms tend to be small and do not offer much storage space. Renting a self storage unit of your own can provide that extra storage space needed to solve the dilemma.

Incoming freshers students

First-year university students can benefit from self storage solutions as they often arrive with many belongings from home. As most student accommodation offers limited storage space, renting a storage unit can provide that extra space needed.

International students

For international students, transporting belongings overseas after each term can be both time consuming and expensive. Renting a self storage unit close to university will provide a secure location to store personal belongings. This will offer peace of mind for when returning home outside of the country.

Final year students

As students progress to their final year, they will most probably have accumulated more belongings along the way. Self storage facilities can offer the space needed to organise and store personal goods for any given length of time.


Given the dynamic nature of student living, self storage rooms for students can offer a flexible and cost-effective storage solution. This can especially help students during transitions between accommodation, summer breaks and for when there is limited storage space in shared living environments.

At Bigfoot Self Storage, we understand the storage requirements of university students and are committed to providing tailored self storage solutions for students. Our modern, secure facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes and types. We can offer flexible storage with both short and long term durations. Contact us today to get your quote and to book your easy move-in storage room.

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