The pros and cons of storage containers

Our guide to the pros & cons of storage containers

Storage units are invaluable for lots of reasons, whether moving home, need some extra space or for business purposes. They offer many benefits to help make things easier including convenience and flexibility as they can be rented for however long you need them. If you are looking for a storage unit to rent, there is the option of both storage containers and self storage units. Both offer similar features although there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. Here is our brief guide to the pros and cons of storage containers to help you make the right choice.

Storage containers

These large metal units are commonly known as shipping containers. These containers can be transported and you can purchase the  container yourself rather than rent if you have the space to site it. On the other hand, there are storage facilities offering containers to rent. The main benefit of renting a shipping container is that they are very accessible. Most facilities offer 24hour access and you can drive up to the unit to offload. They are also a cost effective option in the long run since there are fewer overheads and features than indoor self storage units.

Despite being located outdoors on a secure gated site, these containers are generally not as secure as indoor self storage units. With them being located outdoors, they are exposed to the weather and metal containers can rust. This brings concerns about moisture and dampness inside the container should they not be well maintained and water-tight.

Self storage units

Self storage units are the indoor alternative to storage containers. There is a wide range of different sizes of rooms to cater for differing storage requirements. Indoor storage facilities generally offer better security as they provide CCTV, access control and each room is secured and accessed individually. Being located indoors, self storage units are cleaner and dry, offering better protection for your belongings against moisture risks. Loading and unloading is made easy with the use of goods trolleys and trucks provided by the facility.

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The pros and cons of storage containers
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The pros and cons of storage containers
Our guide to the pros and cons of storage containers. Clean, dry and secure indoor storage units to rent in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme.
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