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5 things to do before putting belongings into storage

Whether you’re downsizing, moving home, or just needing extra space, self storage units are great for safeguarding your belongings. Before you get excited and start throwing everything into your newly rented storage unit, take note that there are practical and convenient ways to store your things.Here’s our guide on 5 things to do before putting your belongings into storage.

1. Know the storage restrictions

Don’t just fill your boxes with anything unless you know which things are allowed to be stored inside your storage unit. Check with the storage facility for a list of their rules and regulations and what is classed as prohibited goods.

Some self storage facilities don’t allow hazardous materials, such as fuel, paint, fireworks, propane tanks and other dangerous explosives. Other prohibited items include food, drugs, and live plants.

2. Make a list

Once your items are packed up, it’s easy to forget what they contain. Having an inventory of all the things vou’ve packed will save you from headaches later on. Make a list so you’ll know exactly where they are in case you need them in the future.

3. Clean your belongings

Most self storage facilities aren’t like your dusty attic, they are generally very clean and dry warehouses. Its a good idea to wipe down and clean items, vacuum mattresses and cushions, etc. This way you’ll stand a better chance of preventing mould and mildew from forming and your things will stay in tip top condition for longer.

4. Label all your boxes

Be specific in labelling your boxes. Instead of simply writing ‘Kitchen Stuff’ on the box its better to list down the seperate items stored inside. For instance its better to write ‘pots, pans, dinner plates, cake stands’ instead. You could even make a note of the quantity of each item.

The more precise you are, the better. If you want to skip the hassle of specific labelling, consider using clear plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This way, you can see what’s inside and easily find what you’re looking for.

5. Take extra steps to keep your precious items safe

It goes without saying that to avoid damaging your belongings when moving and storing, it is essential to protect and wrap your fragile items with materials such as bubblewrap and packing paper. Also think about using strong cardboard boxes to put your items in.

Be careful not to overload boxes and use packing tape to secure boxes ready to be moved and stored. Take time to protect and pack your items correctly as it will save hassle and money in the long term.

If you’re looking for a secure self storage solution in Stoke on Trent or Newcastle under Lyme, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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