Considerations for using business storage units

4 things to remember when using business storage units

As a business grows, it needs more space to continue and expand its operations. Keeping stock and products in a spare room at home may only be feasible for a limited time. It is always best to consider using secure business storage units to keep work life separate from home life.

Self storage facilities are commonly used to securely store commercial goods for the short or long term. If you are thinking of renting storage space for your business, here are some considerations for using business storage units.

1. Storage space that suits your needs

There are many sizes of self storage units available to rent so think about how much space you will need. Rent space that is fit for your needs and that best accommodates all of your stock and equipment. Make an inventory of stocks, label containers properly and use shelving or boxes to separate different kinds of stock.

2. Storage for seasonal or promotional items

These storage units are a perfect place to keep items the company uses for trade shows, events or expos. Panels, banners, stands and the like are bulky and can clutter an office. Keeping them out of the way when not in use is always best.

Self storage is a great flexible option for the storage of seasonal items. Short or long term rentals can be offered to businesses that only require storage for certain times of the year.

3. Storage for sales promotions or new releases

Renting this type of storage is great for when the company is anticipating a new release or running a sale on certain lines. Self storage gives you the option to increase storage space as and when required. Businesses can rent multiple storage units or even opt to have larger bulk space.

4. Storage for tools and equipment to provide your services

Self storage is a great solution for when you require secure storage space for equipment such as tools and machines. This is important for businesses that provide services such as landscapers, cleaners, tradespeople, engineers.

Tools and equipment can be really expensive so have peace of mind knowing that it’s kept safe in secure storage. Storage facilities provide many security features nowadays that offer advanced protection for the premises and units. This is one of the fundamental considerations for using business storage units. When storing equipment, remember to disconnect any batteries and drain fuel into suitable containers.

If you are looking for secure business storage space in Stoke on Trent or Newcastle under Lyme, contact us and we will help. We can offer flexible storage solutions for both short and long term business storage.

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