Tips for renting a storage space

4 useful tips for renting a storage space

People require storage space for a wide variety of reasons. If you are thinking of getting a storage unit to rent it is a good to be prepared. Knowing exactly what you need will help you to stick to a budget and rent the appropriate space. Here are 4 useful tips for renting a storage space.

1. Eliminate all things you don’t need anymore

To help you utilise your storage space much better, try to sort through all of the belongings. Think about parting with things you are unlikely to need anymore. Storing things that are no longer required will only use up valuable storage space. Selling things on online marketplace sites is a good way to generate to some extra cash. You could also think about donating items to local charity shops.

2. Determine what things need to be stored

The next thing to do before renting space is figure out what items you need to put into storage. If you have any fragile or valuable possessions, think about packing them well to protect them.

Before you even start to fill your boxes, take an inventory of the things you’ll be placing into storage. If you have large items, measure them. List your items and be as detailed as possible, it will save you a major headache when you need to retrieve something in the future.

3. Calculate the storage space required

Once you have a good idea of all of the things you need to store, you can now think about how much space you will require. There are usually many different sized storage units available to rent, it is important to choose the right one. Understanding the storage sizes available will help you find the best unit for your needs, ensuring you pay only for as much space as you require. The most common sizes of storage units are as follows: 

25 sq.ft

This space could be likened to the size of a telephone box or a small garden shed. 

Small items and boxes.

50 sq.ft – These units are

 ideal for those looking to store enough items to fill a transit van, or a regular garage. Often useful to those moving from or into a 1-2 bedroom flat. Small businesses may find this unit the ideal size for storing stock.

75 sq.ft – This is one of the more common sizes we rent, popular with those moving to or from a 2-3 bedroom house, or perhaps undertaking a house renovation or extension. These units are much like a small office. You could easily fill the unit with the contents of two full transit vans.

100 sq.ft – The size of a single garage, often used as a ‘second garage’ due to its size and available storage space. These units are great for anyone moving to or from a larger 2-3 bedroom house. This storage unit size is also useful for an office clearance as you could fit the contents of a full Luton van.

150 sq.ft - 

Equivalent to a 20ft shipping container, these units are

 suitable for the contents of a 3-4 bedroom house, plus the garage contents.

4. Get storage unit quotes

After you’ve got a good idea of what storage unit you will require, now is the time to get quotes. Look for reliable and well-reviewed local storage companies that offer good levels of security and access.

If you are looking for secure and accessible storage in and around Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme, Bigfoot Self Storage should be top of your list. We offer a wide variety of storage sizes for both home and business. Get in touch and get a quote with us today.

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