Tips for storing your antique items

Tips for storing your antique items

It’s fact that not everyone has enough space in their homes for all their stuff. This can include valuable heirlooms passed down through generations and which can have high sentimental value. Often antique furniture is too big for modern houses or simply does not fit in with your décor or style and so self storage can be a great option. Here are some tips for storing your antique items.

Pack smart

When storing antiques it’s important to box and prepare your items properly for storage. Fragile items such as antique furniture with mirrors and large framed pictures should be wrapped carefully with protective wrapping, such as bubble wrap. Blankets, sheets or felt can also be used to protect antique items from being damaged while in storage.

Boxes specifically designed for packing mirrors or large paintings can be purchased from packaging supply stores. All boxes should be marked ‘fragile’ for careful handling.

It’s recommended that antique mirrors or framed artwork should be stored horizontally. This reduces the likelihood of the item tipping over or collapsing under its own weight. Also remember not to stack antique furniture on top of other items and do not stack other items on top of antique furniture.

Temperature controlled?

Antiques can be sensitive to temperature and humidity, especially if they are made from wood or metal. So, it’s important to choose temperature controlled storage space for your antique possessions. For this we would not recommend storage in an external metal container and suggest opting for indoor storage.

Humidity should be around 50 per cent, as high humidity rusts metal while low humidity damages wood. You should also keep the temperature from around 20°C to 22°C.

Disassemble when possible

It’s always best to disassemble antique furniture before putting into storage. This measure is not only a way to save space but also to protect the furniture from damage. Large and heavy furniture could easily get damaged during transportation and handling. Disassembling the furniture into smaller parts will make it easier to handle. It can also take some strain off the furniture’s joints, allowing the wood to last longer.

After disassembling, remember to list and label the pieces to avoid a mix-up. This will help to make reassembly much easier when you need to put it all back together.

Avoid bright lights

Light is one of the greatest enemies of antique possessions. Excessive amounts of light, both natural and artificial, can cause severe damage to your antiques. For example, too much light can fade colours, warp wood, and dry out fabrics.

To preserve your antiques, it’s best to keep them away from direct light. You can even take it a step further and install UV-blocking films and UV filters to windows and fluorescent lights. If you have anything with leather, consider conditioning it with leather conditioner once or twice a year.

If you need a safe space for your antiques, consider hiring a secure storage unit with Bigfoot Self Storage. We provide storage solutions in Stoke-on-Trentand Newcastle-under-Lyme. We use the highest levels of security to protect our facility and your belongings. Get your quote today!

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