Tips to maximise long-term storage

Tips to maximise long-term storage

For various reasons long-term storage is needed. People sometimes need to pack up their entire collection of belongings and store them for extended amounts of time. Depending on your circumstances, long-term self storage rental might be the optimal solution. Of course, there are some tips you can use to maximise your long-term storage experience.

There are many advantages to storing your items in a custom secure storage unit over many months or even years. Getting the right long-term storage solution can save you hassle and money. If you are considering storing your items for an extended amount of time, here are a few tips to maximise long-term storage.

1. Think about how much space you need

There are usually many different sized storage units available to rent, it is important to choose the right one. Understanding the storage sizes available will help you find the best unit for your needs, ensuring you pay only for as much space as you require.

Take a good look at the size of the items you’re packing up. If you are storing bulky furniture, think about how you can save space by perhaps dismantling some furniture items. A good rule of thumb is to choose a unit with a little extra space, just in case you need to add more things into it over the long-term.

2. Get rid of items you don’t need

Getting a self storage unit provides a great opportunity to sort through your belongings and have a good declutter. Think about parting with things you are unlikely to need anymore. Storing things that are no longer required will only use up valuable storage space. Selling things on online marketplace sites is a good way to generate to some extra cash. You could also think about donating items to local charity shops.

3. Pack your items properly

Packing your items properly will help keep them in great shape, no matter how long they’re in your storage unit. When packing your belongings, make sure to use plenty of protective materials such as bubble wrap and stretch wrap. Don’t forget to label everything too. Save yourself guesswork by labelling all boxes and make sure they are clearly visible.

Strong cardboard boxes and plastic storage containers are a great way to pack your belongings. Fragile items and paintings should always be wrapped in bubble wrap.

4. Set up easy payments

If you are storing for the long-term, you don’t want to have the hassle of remembering when to pay every month. Direct debit is the most convenient and easiest method of payment to go for.  This can easily be setup with the storage facility when you sign up. Direct debit is a great way to automate the payment process.

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