Tips when using storage for the first time

Tips when using storage for the first time

Renting storage space can be a straightforward process. If this is your first time renting storage, here are three useful tips you can use to make things easier.

1. Make sure to take an inventory

This tip should be a no-brainer, but lots of people make the mistake of not thinking about exactly what it is they will need to store. Take the time to list all the things you need to pack away and store. Make an inventory of all of the items, do this before you start packing items away and make sure everything is accounted for. This will help to give you an idea of how much space you will need to rent.

2. If there are items you can disassemble, do so

Bulky pieces of furniture are difficult to transport and can also take up too much space in your storage unit. If there is a way you can disassemble them, consider doing so. A bed frame for example can take up lots of space but can easily come apart to save you space. Bear in mind that not all furniture is designed to be disassembled.

3. Label everything

It’s easy to forget things once they’re inside boxes, as the saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’. To help you remember which box contains what items, label them appropriately. Write in big, bold letters and be specific. Make sure that the labels are facing the entrance door of the storage unit so you can easily see them once you enter. Keep items in the same categories together if possible. When it comes to stacking, heavy items should always be at the bottom, the lighter boxes should be put on top. This will help to save your boxes getting crushed.

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3 tips when using storage for the first time
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3 tips when using storage for the first time
Tips when using storage for the first time. Useful tips for newbies when renting a self storage space. Get easy storage space at Bigfoot Self Storage.
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