Tips for packing your storage unit

5 useful tips for packing your storage unit

For people who don’t have an attic or a basement, self storage units are great. These facilities allow them to store rarely used items away from the home so they can free up valuable living space. There are better ways than others when it comes to packing your storage unit. It is essential to make the most of your space and maximise every square foot because these units come with a weekly fee.

Follow these five useful tips for packing your storage unit so you can save time, energy and money!

1. Make a list of your things

Before you even start to fill your boxes, t

ake an inventory of the things you’ll be placing into storage. If you have large items, measure them. List your items and be as detailed as possible, i

t will save you a major headache when you need to retrieve something in the future.

2. Store your things in strong boxes

To prevent your storage unit from looking like a jungle of mess, use good strong boxes to store your items. This way, you can stack them up properly and make good use of the height inside the storage unit. Buy thick, double walled cardboard boxes or even large strong plastic storage containers if you have more budget. 

Pack your things tightly inside every box. Fill any gaps and empty spaces with newspaper or bubble wrap to prevent items moving around and potentially becoming damaged.

3. Get labelling

It’s easy to forget things once they’re inside boxes, as the saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’. To help you remember which box contains what items, label them appropriately. Write in big, bold letters and be specific. Make sure that the labels are facing the entrance door so you can easily see them once you enter your storage unit.

4. Pack from heaviest to lightest

The first things to go into your storage unit should be tall and bulky objects. These include furniture, mattresses and appliances. Place them against the back wall before putting smaller boxes on top. Always put the heavier boxes on the floor so that any lighter ones can be stacked on top. This is to prevent heavy boxes from toppling over and damaging your items inside.

5. Leave room for easy access

Whilst its tempting to fill the storage unit to the brim, remember to leave some room for you to walk around and access things whenever you may need to retrieve something later on. Another tip here is to store the boxes containing the more important items near to the door. This way, you don’t have to rummage to the back during an emergency.

If you’re looking for a secure self storage solution in Stoke on Trent or Newcastle under Lyme, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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