When Should You Get Self Storage - Here's What to Consider

When should you get self storage? – Here’s what to consider

Have you ever wondered when you should get self storage? Why have all these self storage facilities been sprouting up everywhere? It clearly seems like more and more people have the need to store items, equipment and valuable stuff. But why? What’s the point of storing items that you don’t use? There must be a reason.

Statistics show 41% of customers report that storage is needed for moving. There are 17% percent of customers who simply use storage for decluttering. What these statistics imply is simple: storage units are sticking around.

Wondering when you should consider the use of a storage unit? Keep reading to find out!

When you move

The need for storage when moving home is inevitable. Perhaps you are moving to a newly purchased home, or you’re heading off to another state. Although a bulk of your items may need to be transferred promptly, other things may be able to be stored until a better time to transport them arises. For this reason, temporarily renting a storage unit can be a viable solution. 

There are other common reasons why people need a storage unit while in the process of moving. These include downsizing, staging a home for sale, having that all important completion date pushed back, having a temporary job with no permanent residence, and pursuing home consolidation.

When you’re making space at home

Marie Kondo seems to have made decluttering quite a craze today. However, this isn’t anything new. Since time immemorial, people have always had a strong desire to declutter. After all, it gives you more space and a much more pleasant home.

Here’s the problem, however: there are some belongings that just can’t be thrown away. Perhaps they are valuable, essential, or have sentimental value. Maybe they belong to another family member who’s out of the country. How will you proceed? The simple answer is to have these items kept in a secure storage unit.

When a loved one has passed away

What about when a parent or grandparent has passed away? Or loved ones who bade you goodbye? Seeing and keeping their items can be quite overwhelming for you. It can be heartbreaking to see anything that has to do with your lost loved one.

It’s best to put these items in a storage unit while you’re grieving. Placing these valuable items into a storage unit may help you cope and come to terms with the fact that they’re gone. Once you’ve processed the loss and have fully accepted it, then you can finally put them back into their rightful places.

When you don’t want your inventory to take up space at home

Finally, renting a storage unit is an affordable way to keep track of inventory. If you have a start-up business, perhaps your inventory is occupying space at home. It may be a great way to save up, but this can also be pretty overwhelming. Eventually, the clutter will start to wear on your sanity. Consider renting a storage unit for your business to keep track of inventory.

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