Why offsite storage is best for documents

Why offsite storage is best for documents

Companies have legal requirements when it concerns the storage of confidential documents. Often the best and most secure storage solution is to have offsite self storage space. Classified business archives need to be kept securely to prevent access to unauthorised personnel. Keeping paper-based documents for a certain number of years is a legal requirement prior to disposal.

Offsite archive self storage is often the best solution for businesses that want to keep paper records. Here are some reasons why using an offsite self storage facility is best to store documents.

It frees up physical space

Keeping documents at your office headquarters takes up valuable space. Archives are often heavy and bulky, creating a number of safety issues in and around your office environment. Free up space by moving archives to self storage and have a dedicated room where all documents can be kept.

It keeps your documents secure

Storing confidential files and documents in the office is not the most secure solution. Files and confidential data can easily get stolen, lost or damaged. Employing the services of an offsite  storage provider means you take away all risk and gain extra security. A storage facility will provide a number of security benefits and features to protect your documents whilst in storage. These can include CCTV monitoring, PIN coded access, padlocked rooms, etc.

You can be sure that the only personnel who access your documents will be those who have been granted access.

It improves efficiency

Make things more efficient and take the hassle out of trying to find files or folders. Having a well organised archive room specifically for your documents will improve efficiency. Storage rooms can accommodate shelving and racking for your boxes to make things more organised and easy to retrieve.

Free up valuable office space and rent a secure self storage archive room at Bigfoot Self Storage. We are specialists in business document storage throughout Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.  Contact us for a full quotation.

Why offsite storage is best for documents
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Why offsite storage is best for documents
Why offsite storage is best for documents. Secure and dry storage rooms for business archives in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.
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