Why you shouldn't use your garage for storage

Why you shouldn’t use your garage for storage

Garages may be among the most functional rooms of a home. Rather than being used to store their vehicle, garages are nowadays being used as a storage space to fill with clutter. Garages weren’t designed to be rooms for storage and as such there are reasons why you shouldn’t use your garage for storage.

1. Lack of security

Garages aren’t as secure as you think they are and they can be surprisingly easy for thieves to break into. Simply locking your garage is not enough to ensure your valuable possessions are safe. Garage doors can be broken and any windows can be smashed.

A storage unit, on the other hand, will offer significantly better security. Self storage facilities generally offer high security measures including CCTV, PIN coded access, unit alarms and padlocked doors to name a few. Renting a storage unit away from home will ensure your belongings are fully protected.

2. Exposure to temperature & humidity

Garages can get damp, get far too hot and get far too cold. This can all result in causing damage to belongings stored in the garage.

Humidity in a closed in space like a garage can ruin photographs, artwork, documents and electrical items. Getting yourself an indoor self storage unit will help to keep your stuff free from mould, mildew and rust.

3. Best left for your vehicles

Garage spaces give homeowners the ability to store their vehicles away. Leaving your vehicle on the driveway makes it vulnerable to the elements and environmental damage. It also increases the risk of theft. Using your garage to store your vehicle can also reduce the cost of your vehicle insurance premiums.

If your garage is currently filled with boxes and clutter, consider clearing it out and rent yourself a storage unit instead. Bigfoot Self Storage offers a wide range of secure, clean and dry storage units for household goods. Contact us today to get a quote.

Why you shouldn't use your garage for storage
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Why you shouldn't use your garage for storage
Why you shouldn't use your garage for storage. Create more space at home with secure, clean and dry household storage units at Bigfoot Self Storage.
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